Phil Wall, Designer in San Francisco, CA, United States
Phil Wall

Designer in San Francisco, CA, United States

Member since April 11, 2018
Phil is a UX designer, researcher, and product owner with ten years of experience. His work has led to an acquisition, an IPO, and a top app in the Play Store (2+ million users). Phil's specialty is solving complex product-market fit problems for enterprises—building business products people actually use. From ideation to user testing, prototyping, and the iterative development process, Phil loves the craft and working on teams. Phil brings a detail-oriented approach and an open mind.
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Digital Design


  • Designer | Product Lead

    2020 - 2020
    Side Project
    • Annoyed with poor auto-correction on my Android and interested in building a true ML project, my development partner and I designed and built an NLP keyboard that uses full sentence context to predict spelling and word correction.
    • Completed ML classes: "Machine Learning" and "Structuring Machine Learning Projects" by Andrew Ng of Stanford, as well as "Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow" by Laurence Moroney of Google.
    • Studied the latest research on corrective keyboards:
    • Designed a novel model using Peter Norvig’s spell-checker and Google's Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Our model used character prediction and full sentence grammatical context to predict and correct words.
    • Leveraged open data sources then curated a custom data set using Enron emails and Twitter dataset to cover both the professional and casual typing use cases.
    • Built a program to run our full sentence model against our data set and saw improvements over the current Google NLP Keyboard. But our processing time was too high for a mobile device. It was fun. If there was a business here, I would have pursued it.
    Technologies: Deep Neural Networks, TensorFlow, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning
  • Designer | Founder

    2015 - 2020
    Sesame Shortcuts
    • Founded Sesame which was named "a must-have app" by TechRadar and touted by Android Unfiltered to "change how you use your phone." It has 2+ million installs, 25% long-term retention, and is a top revenue-generating productivity app.
    • Conceived and designed a data service that connects APIs and native sources to power a universal search for Android that is filled with deep links into your apps (Contacts, WhatsApp, Spotify, Slack, Reddit, Instagram, Netflix, and dozens more).
    • Grew our user base from 0 to millions by hyper engaging a niche of power users. Followed the lessons from "Crossing the Chasm," built a community of 30,000 beta test users, pushed weekly releases, and iterated our way to a good product.
    • Developed a coded search algorithm that lets you navigate to pretty much anything in one or two taps. Leveraging device usage data and matching the first letters of words "S" and "N" will pull up "Spotify: Nevermind." Next time just "S" will.
    • Managed a remote team in Taipei and India and organized and managed the project.
    • Designed an onboarding UX that took us from 3% to 27% long-term retention. This was no easy task. The key was finding the 'aha' moment that converted power users. We did this through relentless experimentation and listening to user feedback.
    • Led business development efforts to partner with Nova Launcher, resulting in Sesame being natively distributed by an app with 10 to 50 million users.
    • Deeply integrated it with the Android OS. I have an intimate understanding of what's possible with Android.
    • Was offered $1+ million acquisition by two well respected companies.
    Technologies: Automation, Learning, Algorithms, Search, Google Analytics, Firebase, YouTube API, Spotify API, Slack API, Adobe Photoshop, MySQL, APIs, Sketch, Android


  • Bachelor's in Business Administration (Honors Program) Degree in Entrepreneurial Management
    2001 - 2005
    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI


  • Certified Scrum Master
    Scrum Alliance



San Francisco, CA, United States

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